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Greetings from Vizag Mar Thoma Church

We greet you in the glorious and abiding name of Jesus Christ . . .

We welcome you to this church site with gladness.   For the new ones, we assure a spiritual journey. This page is created to keep the church members in touch while they are away from the church for extended periods of time and also for others interested in the activities of the church. 

We are very  happy that you were able to visit this page.  Please  remember us and our Church Activities in your prayers.  Your comments and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed to improve the quality of this website.   You can email your suggestions and comments to




The Mar Thoma Syrian Christian Fellowship in Visakhapatnam had a humble beginning. It originated in the form of a miniature prayer group, organized way back in 1952 by late Mr. O.P. Philip, a very devoted Mar Thoma member, who was an employee in the railways.

Syrian Christians from Kerala, belonging to different denominations, mostly working in Government organizations such as Railways, P&T, Port and Navy , have been residing in Visakhapatnam since many years. However, except attending now and then, services in Telugu or English in local Churches, they had no opportunity to conduct or attend services in Malayalam, as there was no organizational setup to assist them

It was in such a background that Mr. O.P. Philip took the initiative to arrange a get-together of few Kerala Christian friends. At a meeting convened by him in July, 1952, It was decided to conduct monthly prayer meetings. Initially the group comprised Mar Thomites, Orthodox and C.S.I members and prayers were conducted in individual houses by turn. Usually they were led by Mr. Philip.



In due course, thanks to the help and guidance by Rt. Rev. Alexander Mar Theophilose, the Missionary Bishop of Mar Thoma Church, who paid a brief visit to Visakhapatnam in 1956, it was decided to conduct Malayalam Sunday services every month, for which, St. John’s Church authorities were kind enough to give permission. The first Holy Communion Service conducted in Malayalam by Rt. Rev. Alexander Mar Theophilose at St. John’s Church in 1956 was attended by about 60 members, comprising of Mar Thoma, Orthodox, and C.S.I. members. Soon after the service, a meeting was held and a decision was taken to start a combined monthly Malayalam service at St. John’s Church.

It is noteworthy that Rev. Dr. C.S. Samuel of Mahasamund (M.P.) was the first visiting priest to conduct Malayalam service according to Mar Thoma rites at St. John’s Church. Similar arrangements were also made to conduct Orthodox, as well as C.S.I. services by visiting priests from neighbouring states.

A two-day visit by Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Athanasius on 25-1-1960 was an encouraging factor that helped the spiritual growth of Mar Thoma residents in Visakhapatnam.


In early 1961, as the membership of the Malayalam Christian Congregation increased substantially, the Orthodox members who were numerically more, opted to form a separate parish. Later, they built a church of their own, for which Mar Thoma members also extended help. Subsequently at general body meeting held on 19.3.61, it was decided to form the Mar Thoma Parish at Visakhapatnam to which the C.S.I. members also joined. Rev, D Alexander was the first visiting Mar Thoma Vicar to conduct Malayalam Service in the St. John’s Church after the formation of the Parish. While ordinary services were arranged by Lay leaders on 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month. Holy Communion was conducted once in every two months by visiting priests. More than 10 priests from various neighbouring states rendered their services as visiting priests during this period.



Apart from regular Church services and monthly prayer meetings, the congregation regularly organized an annual picnic on 15th of August and Christmas dinner on the Christmas eve. Generous contribution to the Gideon’s international every year, extending of charity to Leprosy patients at Premasamajam and disabled children of Rani Chandramathi Hospital, were some of the other humanitarian activities undertaken by the Church in earlier years.


Significantly, during the visit of Rt. Rev. Philipose Mar Chrysostam, as the Bishop of Outside Kerala Diocese on 30-4-’77, the need to appoint a resident vicar was represented by several members and accordingly he graciously sanctioned the post and Rev. Johnson P. Mathew took charge in August 1979 as the 1st Resident Vicar of Mar Thoma Parish at Visakhapatnam. Following the appointment of resident vicar, anew impetus was provided to the activities of the Parish. Sevika sangham, the Youth League and Sunday School for children were organized.



The natural urge to have a Church of our own was keenly felt by all members for a long time, and the appointment of a resident Vicar generated fresh vigour to the efforts launched in this direction.

Thanks to the benevolence of Late Mr. K.C. Abraham, the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh, who on being approached by our Committee Members during one of his visits to Vizag, graciously referred our request to the District authorities who were kind enough to allot us the present premises which was handed over to us in 1982.



Though well-located, the allotted site was un-even, low-lying and full of pits. Hence a lot of filling and developmental work was needed before construction. Being a small parish, our financial resources were too meager to venture upon such an ambitious project. Nevertheless, by the Grace of Almighty and through the tireless efforts and magnanimous help and co-operation of friends and well-wishers, we could succeed to erect a magnificent structure.



While the foundation for the Church was laid (in the absence of our Bishop) by Late Very Rev. C.G. David, the then Vicar General, the foundation for the Community Centre was laid by the then Governor Mr. K.C.Abraham on 3rd February, 1983, in the presence of distinguished gathering. It may be mentioned that Bishop of local Catholic Church, Rt. Rev. K. Mariadas, along with a group of Priests also graced the occasion.



Despite paucity of funds, the construction of the Church was completed within a span of two years and on 12th January, 1985, the Church was duly consecrated by Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Irenaeus. Thus, for the members of Mar Thoma Congregation of Visakhapatnam it was a dream come true.



As we entered the 16th anniversary of our Church at Visakhapatnam, we bow our heads in all humility before the Lord Almighty, who despite all our faults and failings, blessed us immensely and enabled us to have a beautiful abode of worship in this city of destiny.

We also remember with warmth, all those kindly souls who have helped us in various ways to make our dream a reality.

Our grateful thanks are due in no small measure to the selfless services rendered by early pioneers like late Mr. O.P. Philip, Mr. A.K. Varghese, Mr. A.P. Thomas, Mr. T.C. Jacob, Mr. T.S. John, Mr. P.P. Chandy, Mr. K.V. George Cdr. PM Varghese who were no more with us in this world.

Among other past members, special mention may be made of Mr. Abraham Thomas, Mr. T.S. Varghese, Mr. K Thomas, Mr. V.M. Georgekutty, Mr. P.M. Mathew who have rendered Yeoman service to the Church activities.

It is with warmth and gratitude that we recall the valuable service rendered from time to time, by various resident vicars during the last 25 years, besides a number of visiting priests (more than 10) who conducted services in the early years.



The 1st resident Vicar was Rev. Johnson P. Mathew, who was succeeded by Rev. P. Mathew, during whose tenure, the Church Construction was done. The third parish priest to guide and strengthen the parish was Rev. K.Y. Jacob, Rev. T.K. John, Rev. V.G. Varghese, Rev. Varghese K. Mathew, Rev. John George, Rev. Mathews K Mathunny, Rev. Mathe K Chandy, and Rev. Thomas Koshy. Rev. T Babu



It is a matter of immense satisfaction for the members of Mar Thoma Church of Visakhapatnam, that inspite of financial constraints, with a view to enlarge and widen the sphere of social-welfare activities and community development programmes in the sprawling industrial belt of Visakhapatnam, we could secure suitable land and sonstruct a Welfare Centre-cum-Chapel at Gajwaka. The Foundation stone for this Building was laid on 9th April 92, and dedicated to the Glory of God on 8th August 93, by Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasious.

The Centre is a boon to large number of our members residing in this area for whom it is most convenient to attend Sunday in the Chapel built at the Centre.


KARUNA – A Sparkling Achievement :

The most  challenging achievement of far-reaching social significance in the field of humanitarian service of our Church, is the setting up of a charitable school by the Parish in the poverty stricken slum area of Gopalreddy Nagar Village in Gajwaka (Near Gantyada) where about 150 poor slum children are given free education along with books and uniforms.

Thanks to the unrelenting efforts and dedicated service of our members, especially those from steel plant area; with solid support and guidance of our devoted Bishop and parish priest the school, started in a humble way more than a decade back in a thatched shed, with few ill-children,has now, by the Grace of God Almighty , blossomed into a beautiful modern educational institution, devoted to impart quality education freely to the under-privileged Children.

Constructed at a cost of nearly Rs. 15.0 Lakhs, raised mostly, through generous donations and volunitary contribution by friends and well-wishes , apart from parish members,”KARUNA” is indeed a glowing symbol of compassion , generousity and selfless service to the poor and needy, as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ. The inauguration of “ KARUNA” was conducted by Rt.Rev.Thomas Mar Timotheos our Diocesan Bishop on 21-1-2001 and was attended by a large gathering of people including many distinguished local personalities.

This ambitious out-reach programme, has been widely welcomed and highly appreciated by the local population in general, and especially the poorer section of society, for whom it is a boon from Heaven.

It will not be out of place to mention here, that full credit for the remarkable success of building the Gajuwaka School must squarely go to Shri C.D. Matthew and his dedicated team. Much as he would prefer to disclaim any praise any praise for this stupendous achievement under most trying circumstances,there is no denying the fact that ‘CD’ as we affectionately call him, has really been the moving spirit behind the benevolent activities of our out-reach programmes in genral, and the Setting up of “KARUNA” in particular. The enthusiastic support and dynamic leadership provided by our active Vicar, Rev. John George has been a contributing factor for the Project’s success. Let us extend our hearty thanks both to ‘CD’ and Achen.

Apart from expressing its sincere thanks and appreciation to numerous friends and well-wishers for their generous support and contribution in cash and kind given for the construction of the school building, the Parish gratefully cherishes the philanthropic gesture shown by the Rotary Club of Gajuwaka for the valuable donation of furniture and fixtures given to the school.

Now that the Parish has successfully set up a magnificent school at Gajuwaka, its responsibility has increased considerably to mobilize, adequate resources to run the institution in a more elaborate way and meet the growing maintenance expenses which would be much higher than previous amounts.

The members have to keep these aspects in view and take adequate steps to meet the challenge.



The long felt need of the Parish to have a well-trained and experienced Evangelist to effectively carry out evangelical service in the sprawling village of Gajuwaka, and spread the message of love of our Saviour to the poor and illiterate, has been fulfilled by the posting of two evangelists during the year 2000. Vizag Mission, with the Vicar as the Missionary and two evangelists appointed by the Mar Thoma Suvisesha Prasanga Sanghom were actively responding to the spiritual and other multi-faceted needs of the Gopal Reddy nagar village near Peda Gantyada, Gajuwaka. Members of the Church especially those who are residing in the nearby areas also supporting them.

Mar Thoma Sevika Sanghom also appointed two workers to assist the nursing students in their spiritual life. Presently Ms. Aleyamma and serving as the Sevika Sanghom workers.


Organs of the Church :

Youth league, Sevika Sangom, Prayer Groups, Sunday School, Church Choir etc are working well under the guidance, support, participation where ever necessary by the present Vicar Rev. T. Babu. Given a chance, I am pround to say, that our Youth and Sunday School children and Church Choir, are second to none, which have been proved by them.



The Christian congregation lead by various denominatios of the Kerala Christian community has completed 50 years of existence in this City of Destiny, and it is high time to work for the goal ‘LIGHTED TO LIGHTEN’.

On completion of 25th year of the MAR THOMA CHURCH, a JUBILEE BUILDING is under planning and mobilization of funds and other resources are in the process. The Foundation Stone for this building is being laid by Rt.Rev.Dr.Abraham Mar Paulose tirumeni on to-day the 7th Feb., 2010.

The other welfare programme being planned are, Setting up of free dispensary, Health Care, Vocational Training Centre, Geratic Care Centre, and Medical guidance centre. It is hoped that with divine guidance and active co-operation of the members, we would succeed in our endeavours.

May God permit us to re-generate our spirit of service and mobilize adequate resources to run our projects and programmes successfully and prove ourselves to be worthy of and to have our goal achieve “LIGHTED TO LIGHTEN”.


May GOD bless every one of us.

Thank You.


                    Daspalla Hills,Near All India Radio,Visakhapatnam-3.


                    Rev T Babu


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